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SICI Petroleum is a big player in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector. The company was registered in 2006 with the Corporate Affiars Commission of Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matter Decree of 1990 based on the vision of the Managing Director (Prince Ifeanyichukwu Sylvester Ikedi) to bring energy at its cheapest affordable cost to our door steps.
SICI Petroleum Ltd, engages in general petroleum and petroleum products marketing. We import, export, compound, drill, distil, supply, buy, and sell all types of petroleum and petrochemicals; petrol (PMS), Kerosine (DPK), Diesel (AGO), Gasoline and to engage in all or any of the businesses of producers, refiners and distributing agents of dealers in all kinds of petroleum and petroleum based hydrocarbon preparations, creams, urguents, oils, fabrics, pigments, preparations and accessories of every description. We produce, make up, prepare, and deal with all articles, substances commonly or conveniently used in making, preparing or packing any of the petroleum products which may be required by customers or persons having dealings with SICI Petroleum Ltd.

- To act as refiners of crude oil and or owners of refineries at all level and in all sphere.
- To act as petroleum consultants and or brokers and experts whenever the context so admits and in particular to hire and train experts in oil and petroleum exploration, marketing and other related operations.